My Story

Hello world, 

My name is Julian and welcome to my blog. My goal is to share thoughts and information on things that I have learned and think will be valuable to others. 

After high school, I pursued a computer science degree from Carleton University. Because highly profitable businesses rely on software to improve business processes, I have always been fascinated by computer software and how it works under the hood.  Noticing software’s crucial role in growing businesses, I gravitated to understanding more and how to leverage this software to scale and grow.

In 2021 I began to work at a software and consulting company where I worked with CRM and CPQ systems to improve order capture processes. The power of these cloud-based systems and how they can be leveraged to improve various facets of a business was eye-opening.

During this time I acquired several Salesforce Certifications based on my hands-on experience using the platform.

Currently, I consult for large companies in North America to help clients integrate strategy, process, technology, and information to increase profit and reduce costs.

On this site, I will share the concepts and processes I have learned throughout my education and career to help others work more efficiently and grow their business. 

I hope you can learn something to apply to your new or existing business. 


Julian Lankstead