7+ Best WordPress NFT Plugins [Ranked and Reviewed]

Best Choice

NFT Maker WordPress Plugin

Create, manage, and sell NFTs on your WordPress site

Best Value

OpenSea NFT WordPress Plugin

Embed your NFTs within your site using shortcode


NFT WordPress Plugin Kit

A complete toolset of various WordPress NFT plugins

Runner Up

NFT WordPress Plugin For WooCommerce

Sell your NFTs for fiat and crypto using WooCommerce


WordPress allows you to build suitable websites for your portfolio, blog, business, or online store with dynamic plugins and professional templates.

You can also build a Non-fungible token store to sell your NFT collection with WordPress plugins.

Creating an NFT store on WordPress is different from building a regular website.

If you’re looking to create an NFT store to sell your custom NFTs, it is essential to use a WordPress NFT plugin.

By doing so, you will reduce or even eradicate custom code, development time, and maintenance so you can quickly begin selling and managing NFTs on your own site.

This blog reviews my top 7 WordPress NFT plugins, with their unique features and pricing.

Read through and select whichever is best suited for your NFT use case!

What Are The Best WordPress NFT Plugins?

Many WordPress plugins for NFT sites are available, but some stand out with their thoughtful and practical features.

I’ve reviewed, tested, and compared a few popular WordPress NFT plugins to select the best and make launching your NFT market a breeze.

See my top picks below;

1. NFT WordPress Plugin Kitwordpress nft plugin kit


The NFT WordPress plugin kit is a product offered by EthereumICO.io.

It is a complete toolset of various WordPress NFT plugins that allows you to create NFTs directly from your WordPress site, lazy mint tokens, and build a store to sell your minted NFT collection.


  • Create a personal or multi-vendor NFT marketplace within a couple of hours.
  • Equips you with secure login, key vault, token wallet, token exchange, and every other tool needed to manage and sell digital assets.
  • Lazy mint your own NFTs directly on the website.
  • You can pay with crypto (Ethereum or BTC), credit card, or other fiat payment methods.
  • You can purchase licenses for single, two, three, and unlimited sites on this WordPress NFT plugin.
  • Offers additional plugin configuration services to make setup easier and faster.
  • Configure the Know Your Client (KYC) for your minted NFTs on the spot.
  • Enjoy up to a 24% discount on subsequent monthly payments and a 10% discount on payments made with crypto.


There are three subscription plans on this WordPress NFT plugin- Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime.

Your total payable depends on the number of sites you are purchasing a license for;

  Single site license 2- site license 3- site license Unlimited
Monthly $26.99 $38.23 $48.99 $179.99
Annual $242.99 $341.99 $439.99 $1642.49
Lifetime $737.99 $1033.99 $1327.49 $4939.99

Note: Selecting additional services attracts extra cost as displayed above.


NFT WordPress plugin kit is the perfect toolkit for anyone who wants all necessary NFT vendor functionality in one place.

This WordPress NFT plugin also has flexible subscriptions that allow you to select suitable plans according to your budget.

Additionally, you get a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you’re unhappy with the plugin kit, and you can reduce gas fees by lazy minting NFTs.

2. NFT Maker

wordpress nft plugin maker


NFT Maker is a WordPress NFT plugin that enables you to create, manage, and sell NFTs on your Ecommerce store.

It allows you to lazy mint your own NFT tokens with Celo, BSC, Harmony, Matic, and Eth without paying the upfront gas fee for each digital asset.

NFT Maker WordPress NFT plugin is easy to operate and does not require any programming knowledge.


  • Mint new NFTs easily-Lazy minting is also allowed.
  • Creates multiple copies of minted NFTs for sale to interested users.
  • Adds custom metadata or tags to your NFT token for ownership.
  • You can import or export data from supported popular platforms like Ethereum.
  • Access up to 50mb IPFS storage where your images, audio, and other metadata files can be stored securely.
  • NFTs are minted directly into the Blockchain address provided by buyers.
  • Supports Ethereum, BSC, Celo, Harmony, and Matic blockchains.
  • This WordPress NFT plugin uses 39.31kb of memory on average, which is less than most other plugins.
  • Increases average page loading speed by 0.04 seconds.


Yearly plans

The WordPress NFT plugin itself is free, but you need to subscribe to a paid plan to get a Tatum API key to create NFTs on different blockchains, including Harmony, Celo, Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.

These paid plans have specific credit amounts used to pay for the gas fees required to mint NFTs on NFT Maker.

Note that each Blockchain has different gas fees, with the Ethereum Blockchain being the most expensive.

The API key for this WordPress NFT plugin is available in three plans;

  Start plan Basic plan Advanced plan
Price/mo $9 $49 $249
Credits available 1,000,000 5,000,000 25,000,000

Note: You cannot carry over your remaining credits to the next month if you don’t use it all up.


NFT Maker is a great plugin to turn your WooCommerce store into an NFT marketplace while following your usual WooCommerce product publishing process.

It is affordable and does not require extensive Blockchain development experience to use.

Use their test Tatum API key to create test NFTs for product testing.

3. NFT WordPress Plugin For WooCommerce


NFT WordPress plugin for WooCommerce is another product offered by EthereumICO.

It is the single WordPress NFT plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to receive Fiat money and crypto as payment for your NFT tokens.

NFT WordPress plugin for WooCommerce is compatible with most WooCommerce themes.


  • Sell your NFTs for Fiat money and cryptocurrencies supported by WooCommerce.
  • Lazy mint as many NFT tokens as you want.
  • Customers can purchase NFT on your WooCommerce store just like any other product.
  • Supports EVM-compatible Blockchain, like polygon(Matic) or Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
  • 10% discounts on payments made with crypto (Bitcoin or Ethereum).
  • 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Flexible license purchase for one, two, three, and unlimited sites.
  • Shave off up to 20% on subsequent monthly payments after paying the full fee on the first subscription.


You can subscribe to a monthly, annual, or lifetime plan, which will be charged based on the license chosen;

  Single site license 2- site license 3- site license Unlimited license
Monthly plan $8.99 $12.49 $15.99 $59.99
Annual plan $85.99 $117.88 $149.99 $579.99
Lifetime plan $259.99 $359.99 $458.99 $1749.99

Note: Using additional services on this WordPress NFT plugin attract additional costs as shown in the image above.


NFT WordPress plugin for WooCommerce is your best option if you want to build an NFT store using WooCommerce and wish to add fiat money and crypto as payment.

The WordPress NFT plugin is affordable and can help you close more deals with customers who prefer to pay with crypto or Fiat money.

4. OpenSea NFT WordPress Plugin


The OpenSea NFT WordPress plugin allows you to embed your NFTs one after the other within your site in a few clicks using a shortcode.

It uses an external script that does not collect data to activate the embedding ability. It also does not require any third-party activation to function.


  • Import NFTs and embed them anywhere on your WordPress site easily.
  • Embed your storefront or collection without coding.


The OpenSea NFT WordPress plugin is free.


The OpenSea NFT WordPress plugin is an excellent option if you have difficulties uploading your NFTs on WordPress. It is simple to use and requires a few steps to operate.

It is a free WordPress NFT plugin.

5. WordPress Ethereum Wallet Plugin


WordPress Ethereum Wallet Plugin is a Metamask WalletConnect product offered by EthereumICO.io.

When added to your NFT marketplace on WordPress, this WordPress NFT plugin automatically creates an Ethereum account address for users after registering.

This wallet allows its user to send Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain or ERC20/BEP20/NFT tokens.

The user can also buy your NFT, ICO, or ERC20 on your site and store them in their newly created wallet.


  • Sell your NFT or ERC20 on your site.
  • IPFS storage available for all NFT files
  • Additional services are available for easy setup.
  • Show the account’s transaction history list, leaderboards, Logins, and Fiat balances.
  • There’s a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Purchase licenses for single, multiple, and unlimited sites.


This WordPress NFT Plugin costs between $9.99 to $1945.99, depending on your subscription plan and license;

  Single site license 2-site license 3-sites license Unlimited license
Monthly subscription $9.99 $12.49 $15.99 $59.99


$85.99 $117.99 $149.99 $579.99


$259.99 $359.99 $458.99 $1749.99

Note: Your total cost will increase based on the additional services chosen.


WordPress Ethereum Wallet is the perfect WordPress NFT plugin to receive and send Ethereum, NFT tokens, and EVM- compatible Blockchains.

It has a free version but with limited functionalities. You can test the plugin using the free version before subscribing.

EthereumICO.io offers a 7-day free trial for the Pro version of the WordPress Ethereum Wallet Plugin, which enables ERC20 token and EVM- compatible Blockchain sending.

6. WordPress Minting Plugin Extension


WordPress Minting plugin extension is an extra tool merged with WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce.

It was launched in May 2021 and initially made available for free to the early access sponsorship program members only.

The WordPress NFT plugin extension was later released for the Pro users of the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce by October 2021.

WordPress Minting Plugin is now available for free if you pay for a subscription for the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce.


  • Mint NFTs without paying gas fees.
  • Makes the NFT minting process easier with extra functionalities.
  • Automatic JSON metadata file storage and image to IPFS.pinata cloud.
  • All NFT token content is encrypted with cryptographically generated hashes of all attributes and files attached.
  • Access to WooCommerce NFT product configuration with unique properties.
  • Access the minting functionality for free if you use the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce.
  • Sell a limited series of digital assets or non-fungible tokens.
  • Lifetime support and updates guarantee
  • Support Ethereum, BSC, and any other EVM-compatible Blockchain with API similar to etherscan.


This WordPress NFT Plugin extension is free, but you have to be a member of the early access sponsorship program or subscribe to a WordPress plugin for the WooCommerce plan, which costs between $8.99 and $1749.99.


WordPress Minting Plugin extension is best for people who use the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce.

It enables you to lazy mint NFTs at zero cost.

7. Ethereum Wallet NFT Extension


The Ethereum Wallet NFT extension by EthereumICO.io was merged into the WordPress Ethereum Wallet Plugin to enhance its capabilities.

The WordPress NFT plugin extension was first made available to the early access sponsorship program members and later released to all PRO license owners for free.

You can access this extension when you subscribe to the WordPress Ethereum wallet by EthereumICO.io.


  • Allows users to send eth or ERC20/NFT tokens.
  • Sends support in the WordPress Ethereum Wallet Plugin.
  • Grants you fast access to the Ethereum Wallet functionalities plus extra features.
  • Supports EVM-compatible Blockchain, like polygon or Binance Smart Chain.


This WordPress NFT plugin extension is free for all WordPress Ethereum Plugin users.


The Ethereum Wallet NFT extension is perfect for anyone who uses the WordPress Ethereum Plugin and wants to access extra functionalities.

It provides support like any other extension does by adding features and enhancing the functionality of your WordPress website.

Subscribe to WordPress Ethereum Plugin to access its extension.

What Are The Different Kinds Of WordPress NFT Plugins?

  • WordPress NFT plugin for minting and lazy minting, like NFT Maker.
  • WordPress NFT plugin for embedding digital assets, like OpenSea NFT WordPress plugin.
  • WordPress NFT plugin for adding wallets, like WordPress Ethereum Wallet Plugin.
  • WordPress NFT plugin for creating NFT marketplaces, like NFT WordPress plugin for WooCommerce.
  • All-in-one NFT with multiple plugins, like the NFT WordPress plugin kit.
  • NFT WordPress plugin extensions, like Ethereum Wallet NFT extension and WordPress Minting Plugin extension.

Can You Sell NFTs On Your WordPress Site?

Yes, you can sell NFTs on your WordPress site, but it has to be integrated with WordPress NFT plugins.

Is There An NFT Marketplace WordPress Plugin?

Yes, you can use the NFT WordPress plugin for WooCommerce or choose an all-in-one WordPress NFT plugin, like the NFT WordPress plugin kit, to access all essential tools.

Can You Lazy Mint NFT Tokens On A WordPress Site?

Yes, you can lazy mint NFTs on WordPress websites using special plugins, like NFT WordPress plugin kit, NFT Maker, and NFT WordPress plugin for WooCommerce.


There are different WordPress NFT plugins in the market today, all offering similar functionalities and benefits to help users create a professional NFT store on the site builder.

However, you cannot use them all at once, so you have to select the best plugin to launch your NFT store. You have to compare their features, pricing, and compatibility with your WordPress theme, which may be a long tiring process.

Fortunately, I have compiled a list of the best WordPress plugins in different categories and provided them in this blog post.

Read through them again, and let me know your pick in the comment section below.

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