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Generate error-free documents like quotes, invoices, and contracts.

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Simplifies and automates the quote-to-cash process for all business models

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Create, send, and close complex quotes and proposals in minutes

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Quoting software can improve your quoting process and help secure new clients.

Are you tired of the hassle of creating and managing quotes for your business?

Do you struggle to keep track of all the quotes you’ve sent, and worry that you might be losing business as a result?

With quoting software, you can quickly and easily generate professional-looking quotes for your clients, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Imagine being able to send out quotes in just a few clicks, with all the necessary details included, such as pricing, taxes, and discounts.

Don’t let the hassle of quoting hold you back any longer.

What Are The Best Quoting Software Solutions?

The best quoting software takes into account the comprehensive data related to prospecting, provides real-time visibility into opportunities, allows for the easy creation of customized and compelling quotes, and integrates with other business systems.

It should also simplify things using methods such as pre-configured products and pricing, guided flows, and templates.

Let’s look at the top 11 quoting software tools on the market right now to find the right one for you.

1. Salesforce CPQ


Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a quoting software solution in Salesforce that simplifies and automates the quote-to-cash process for all business models including one-time, subscription, usage, services, and warranties.


  • Streamlines configuration, pricing, and quote generation on one CPQ software
  • Builds complex billing workflows without code
  • Lets you create rules that ensure every quote created is 100% error-free
  • Real-time analytics help reach your customers at the right time
  • Automatically fills in the opportunity record as you build your order to cash
  • Immediately generate an accurate first invoice for the customer based on previous account activities


salesforce quoting software

Salesforce CPQ is an add-on to Sales Cloud Professional and above. It is $75 a month per user for Sales Cloud Professional and another $75+ per month per user for the CPQ add-on.


Salesforce CPQ is a quoting software that provides accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. It is an easy-to-use software and is available on any device due to its cloud-based platform.

This is an ideal option for companies interested in Salesforce’s Sales Cloud platform, or who are already using Salesforce and want to improve their efficiency even more. Browse the Salesforce CPQ options.

2. Hubspot


Hubspot has a quoting software add-on that lets you create and send sales quotes, and collect electronic signatures and payments from the same place you manage your deals.


  • Insert your logo and alter the quote’s colors to match your company’s branding.
  • Embed a payment link within quotes to easily collect payments.
  • Designate signers and counter-signers to gather legally binding electronic signatures.
  • Send quotes from within your CRM without having to switch platforms.
  • Quotes are instantaneous to set up, simply choose a template and enter your content.


best quoting software

HubSpot’s quoting software is available for free, with additional functionality and quote customization options included in Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Sales Hub.


Hubspot’s quoting software is ideal for current Hubspot users and teams looking for a fully integrated sales hub.

There are options for individuals, teams, and larger enterprises so there is something for everyone. Streamline your quoting process and free up time for more important tasks. Try it for free.

3. Zoho


Zoho’s quoting software comes in the form of an app that you can access with a Zoho Creator account.

It facilitates quote generation and manages quotes for the products and services you offer. Receive quote requests, process them, and send them directly to your clients.


  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Mobile friendly web pages
  • Add new products and services to your catalog and retrieve product-specific details from this catalog to generate quotations.
  • Crunch numbers, map related data, and present them using Zoho’s comprehensive reports.
  • Schedule appointments, search and filter client details, and compare performance stats.


Zoho Creator is free for one user and one app. For more users or to add more apps to your account, plans start at $31 a month per user.


Zoho’s quoting and proposal software app is ideal for individuals and teams who only need quoting capabilities.

Alternatively, it is ideal if you are interested in Zoho’s other apps in the Zoho Creator platform.

With flexible pricing options and classic quoting automation capabilities, it is a simple and efficient option. Try it for free.

4. Freshworks


Freshworks quoting software is an add-on in Freshsales, the CRM suite.

Generate error-free documents like quotes, invoices, onboarding documents, and contracts.

Freshworks also includes an automatic price calculator to quotes and add eSignatures in a few clicks.


  • Generate eSigned quotes in minutes.
  • Set up document templates and send customer quotes right from your CRM.
  • Maintain an up-to-date product catalog that includes pricing information for products.
  • Keep track of updates on the activity timeline.
  • Set up branded document templates and customize them as needed.


As an add-on, Freshworks quoting software starts at $19 per user per month. You’ll need a Freshsales account to access the add-on, and those plans start at $15 per user per month.


Freshworks is ideal for Freshsales users as it is an add-on to the Freshsales suite.

If you are looking for a comprehensive CRM platform, consider Freshsales and include the Freshworks add-on quoting software. Try it free for 21 days, no credit card is required.



DealHub’s quoting software makes quoting quick and easy, with real-time insights into your prospects’ engagement and level of interest.

Setup is easy, just plug in your product data, configure your business rules, and start quoting.


  • Create error-free custom quotes based on your customers’ needs in any branded format (e.g. DealRoom, PDF, Word, Excel)
  • Change quantities and apply discounts without complicated calculations.
  • Streamline the approval process with automated workflows.
  • Automatically sync data with your CRM.
  • No additional coding or dependence on internal IT resources.


Pricing is based on your number of users and the scope of implementation.

Contact the DealHub team to get a pricing quote.


DealHub’s quote and proposal software solution is perfect for sales reps looking to automate and streamline the quoting process and reduce the sales cycle.

It does not require any other subscription, so there is no need to have a CRM platform already.

But, if you need CRM software, it offers integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Freshworks, Hubspot, and Sugar CRM. Request a demo to see if it is right for you.

6. PandaDoc


Pandadoc’s quoting software makes your quoting and collections workflows more efficient by helping you to generate custom quotes quickly and providing an easy way for your customers to pay.


  • The interactive pricing table allows clients to select from multiple options, change quantities, or chat with you directly.
  • Clients can sign your quote digitally from anywhere, on any device.
  • Track engagement and usage details in real-time and receive notifications the instant your prospect opens, views, or eSigns a quote.
  • The template library offers over 750+ templates.
  • Integrates with most CRM platforms.


PandaDoc offers a free plan for eSigning only and 3 paid plans for quoting and signing. Paid plans start at $19 per user per month and include unlimited documents and eSignatures.


PandaDoc has all the basic quoting software elements and is ideal as an addition to your CRM suite. It integrates with CRM platforms like Hubspot, Zoho, Sugar, and more, and with flexible pricing options it is a great simple option. Start with a 14-day free trial.

7. Configure One


Configure One is a quoting software designed to increase the efficiency of sales reps in the quoting process while reducing lead time and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Create professional documents aligned with your brand and corporate identity.
  • Manage all your pricing in Configure One, or integrate with your ERP system.
  • Include line items for fully priced configurations, view and edit bills of material from the quoting interface.
  • Manage customers, and generate dynamic quote documents.
  • Pre-defined integrations are available for the most popular ERP and CRM systems.


Contact the Configure One sales team for pricing options that meet your needs.


Configure One’s quoting software helps to streamline the quoting process, and is ideal for anyone looking to improve quoting efficiency.

They offer a variety of implementation options to match your strategy and budget, so there is no hassle. Get a free demo to see if it is right for you.

8. Conga CPQ


Conga CPQ is a quoting software solution that simplifies the quoting process for sales teams and individuals. It is cloud-based and integrates with Salesforce to meet all your CRM needs.


  • Conga integrates with Salesforce seamlessly.
  • Generate pricing for quotes, proposals, invoices, and renewals quickly and accurately.
  • Configure cart, discounting, bundling, promotions, and more.
  • Templates and customization tools make branding your documents easy.


Get a demo for free, and discuss pricing plans based on your needs.


Conga CPQ’s quoting software has everything you need to clean up your quotes and save time for more important things.

With Salesforce integration, Conga CPQ is ideal for Salesforce users. However, you can definitely use Conga CPQ on its own if all you need is a solid quoting software solution.

9. Scoro


Scoro quoting software offers businesses a fast and efficient way to manage quotes and offer competitive pricing to their customers.

This cloud-based platform streamlines the process of creating, tracking, and sharing quotes with customers.


  • Features predefined services, client profiles, standard quotes, and multi-currency rate cards.
  • Create customizable invoices based on quotes, orders or work reports, and turn documents into personalized PDFs in just a few clicks.
  • Flexible onboarding options make it an easy solution for any level of knowledge.
  • Integrates with most CRM suites and other cloud platforms.


Plans start at $30 a month per user and vary based on your business needs.


Scoro quoting software is a part of the overall Scoro suite for CRM, so it is ideal for those looking for more than just quoting capabilities.

It has multiple price points to suit your needs and the interface is easy to use.

Try it for free to see if it is right for you.

10. Tacton


Tacton is a quoting software that enables fast and data-driven document generation for quotes, tech specs, certifications, and more.


  • Document templates are built in Microsoft Office programs with all the branding and layout capabilities they offer, including fonts, styling, graphics, tables and more.
  • Features CPQ collaboration tools, including comments, concurrent editing, dashboards, and notifications.
  • One-click generation creates accurate quotes at any time in the sales process without the involvement of technical support.
  • Use Tacton Proposal Collaboration to share quote revisions with customers including 2D and 3D drawings.


Request a demo for pricing details based on your needs.


Tacton quoting software is an invaluable tool for any business looking to streamline its entire sales process.

From electrical and engineering companies to wholesale and retail organizations, Tacton’s quoting system provides a comprehensive solution that allows businesses and sales reps to quickly generate accurate quotes and ensure maximum efficiency in sales processes.

11. GleanQuote


GleanQuote is a quoting software designed to help teams with configuration, pricing, and proposal generation. You can create, send, and close complex quotes and proposals in minutes.


  • CPQ and Proposal Automation software is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the most popular CRMs.
  • Embed product selection and pricing intelligence directly into the quote creation process.
  • Create personalized, interactive web page proposals that showcase your quote by including videos, product images, and other rich media.
  • Create unlimited custom templates for your sales team.
  • Make it easy for your customers with one digital deal space that allows them to E-sign/E-pay from anywhere, on any device at any time.


Plans start at $35 a month for 3 users. Select a plan based on your needs and the number of users here.


GleanQuote is a quoting software for busy professionals and entrepreneurs looking to streamline their quoting process.

The easy-to-use software helps users create custom estimates and quotes in minutes, which can be shared digitally with clients or sent via traditional mail.

With GleanQuote you don’t need experience writing contracts or negotiating deals; all you need is an idea of what the project should cost and the platform will do the rest.

If you’re hoping to make your business’ quoting process more organized, efficient, and profitable, check out a free trial.

Where Does Quoting Sit In The Sales Process?

Quoting is an important step in any sales process, allowing buyers to feel secure that they’re not being overcharged and that the product is of value.

It also confirms to the buyer that their expectations will be met and that a previously discussed timeline can be fulfilled.

In order for buyers to make informed decisions about what they’re getting, quoting should include all the details related to price and delivery timeframe.

Additionally, when receiving a quote, customers should have all the information necessary to easily compare their options with other suppliers or vendors.

quoting software tools

What Features Should You Look For In Quoting Software?

When deciding on quoting software, you want to make sure it suits your business needs.

Look for a platform that can generate personalized quotes quickly and efficiently so that you can provide your customers with an accurate and responsive quotation process.

Ensure that the software is cloud-based and easily integrates with other applications you are using within your organization, such as billing systems or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Moreover, look for features such as mobile support for sales representatives who may need to access their quotations from any location.

You also want the software to include security protocols so that confidential information remains secure, pricing automation tools, and customizable visual themes to help make a positive impression on potential customers.

Finding a solution with a good support system is recommended so you are able to get any technical help when needed quickly and effectively.

What Does The Quote Creation Process Look Like?

The quote creation process is an endless cycle of discovery and refinement. It begins with a deep understanding of the client’s desired outcome and the original quote request.

Next, research and collaboration are essential to investigating creative ideas, potential solutions, and materials available to help build the quote.

After getting an understanding of the project scope, estimated cost, and timeline, quotations can be crafted that accurately represent all facets of the project.

Finally, review and adjust the quote as needed with open communication until both parties agree on a price that satisfies the client’s needs while allowing for a fair profit margin.

Through each step in this process, the focus remains on creating an organized plan that meets customer expectations while providing excellent quality workmanship.

best quoting tools

Can Your Sales Processes Become More Efficient With Quoting Software?

Quoting software is an incredibly useful tool to help streamline and improve sales processes.

It helps increase efficiency by enabling you to create custom, accurate quotes that are updated in real-time and can be easily shared with customers.

This allows for a quick turnaround on requests, reducing the amount of time spent chasing down business opportunities.

Additionally, it can help keep customer relations strong by providing a better understanding of your products and services, as well as clarity on pricing.

In the long run, investing in quoting software can significantly reduce costs while driving more revenue – making it an invaluable resource for any business looking to streamline its sales process.

What Kind Of Businesses Should Give Sales Quotes?

Businesses that provide services or products to customers should give sales quotes. Quotes help potential customers understand what is included in the purchase and determine if the cost is reasonable for the value they are getting.

Companies providing professional services, such as accounting or consulting, should definitely offer sales quotes along with a brief description of how they can help their clients.

Furthermore, any business offering specialized products or packages, such as contractors, landscapers, and home improvement companies, should also provide customers with detailed quotes prior to purchase.

This allows them to make more informed decisions about their purchases and ensures businesses get paid accurately for their labor and services rendered.

Final Thoughts

A quoting software solution can make a huge difference in the productivity of sales operations in any business.

This type of software can make it faster and easier to calculate complex quotes, ensuring accuracy by eliminating manual calculations and reducing the sales cycle.

Try out some of the free options, or get a demo, to find the perfect solution for you.

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