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Cloud-based plumbing estimation ideal for anything from measurements to proposals

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Plumbing estimating software solution for businesses that want accurate and adjustable bids

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 Industry-leading plumbing estimating software for plumbers, HVAC engineers, and plumbing contractors.

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Estimate materials needed for plumbing projects

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What Is The Best Plumbing Estimating Software?

The best plumbing estimating software will help streamline your business by providing insight into how much time and materials are required for different jobs.

You’ll be able to quickly build detailed job estimates, adjust them as needed, and save them in the system.

The plumbing software should also be easy to use and have no learning curve, allowing you to see results quickly and start creating plumbing estimates right away.

Look for plumbing estimating software with multiple pricing models so that you can find the best solution for you and your business – it might be a one-time fee or subscription-based – as well as features like invoicing, billing reminders, and more.

With the right plumbing estimating software, you can make more accurate estimates, save time and money, increase customer satisfaction and improve overall efficiency of your estimating process.



STACK is a cloud-based software for construction and plumbing estimation ideal for anything from measurements to proposals.

Takeoffs and estimates are quick and easy with STACK’s intuitive tools and straightforward interface.


  • Autoname, Auto Count, hyperlinking, and template creation.
  • Up to 10 custom labels to help group, filter, and organize takeoffs.
  • Reporting and filtering
  • Customizable proposals with your logo, terms, scope, and other details.


stack plumbing estimating software

STACK’s estimating software starts at $2499 per year per user, and they have other add-ons such as field productivity and project management software available at an additional cost.


STACK construction and plumbing software are perfect for busy professionals such as plumbers, engineers, estimators, and project managers who need a comprehensive management solution for their projects.

With easy-to-use data project management tools and in-depth insights into job site performance, everyone from the C-suite to the job site manager will find value in this intuitive solution. This solution will take your estimating process to the next level.

Start a free trial or request a demo.

2. TurboBid Estimating


TurboBid Estimating is a cloud-based plumbing estimating tool designed to help contracting businesses and plumbing contractors streamline their cost-estimating process.


  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Comprehensive reports so users can track results with ease
  • Detailed analysis and automated pricing tools for both parts and labor.
  • Customer pricing libraries
  • Integrations for accountancy software like QuickBooks


For long-term use, purchase the software starting at $1897.

Or, opt for a monthly subscription for $135 per month. See all pricing options here.


TurboBid Estimating is an easy-to-use plumbing estimating software solution for construction companies that want to take accurate and adjustable bids on their jobs quickly and accurately.

With its intuitive layout and user-friendly interface, and all the power of a full-fledged desktop application, it is great for plumbing contractors and plumbing businesses. Try a free trial or request a demo here.

3. FastPIPE


FastPIPE is an industry-leading plumbing estimating software for plumbers, HVAC engineers, and plumbing contractors.

It provides the ultimate detailing solution for all of their projects by streamlining their workflow from estimation to detailed material takeoff.


  • 3D representations of their design, as well as fully negotiated bills of material to ensure all aspects of the project are captured before they enter the field
  • Reports and diagrams that visualize the full scope of work
  • Automatic piping calculations, compliance checks, customizable assemblies, and more
  • Create detailed estimates in minutes.


Pricing is set for stand-alone deployments on a single desktop or tablet, but there are enterprise-shared session and cloud options available upon request.

All software options include installation assistance, web training, material pricing updates, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.


FastPIPE is an invaluable plumbing estimating software for any plumbing business or plumbing contractor that requires a comprehensive, cost-effective plumbing design solution.

It is a particularly useful program for designing both commercial and residential projects.

Professional plumbing contractors appreciate its easy-to-use tools and preset templates which help them focus more on the job rather than spend time dealing with tedious paperwork.

FastPIPE can also benefit small plumbing businesses in the plumbing industry as it ensures accurate measurements, estimates, and pricing information. Request a demo here.

4. PlanSwift


PlanSwift is a plumbing estimating software that helps plumbers quickly measure and estimate materials needed for plumbing projects.

It is ideal for takeoffs in any plumbing and construction division including plumbing, landscaping, electrical and more.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • Free tutorials and customer support
  • 3D layout visualization
  • Collaboration options and real-time job-tracking capabilities
  • Advanced features such as sheet tracking and smart data entry


PlanSwift offers a one-time purchase option for USD $1913 plus a $300 3-hour training session.


PlanSwift is the ideal solution for any professional looking to streamline their project cost estimation workflow.

This top plumbing estimating software eliminates the need for tedious manual calculations and paperwork, as users are able to perform all of their work virtually.

It is perfect for accurate budgeting, and material purchasing. Try a free trial.

5. Esticom


Esticom is an all-in-one quoting and proposal plumbing estimating program that helps construction businesses streamline their workflow.

It is designed to save time and money, by allowing for a simpler way to enter data into an organized system.


  • Auto-populates data from other programs
  • Customizable marketing materials
  • Library of content, references, and images
  • Document collaboration cost estimating, project management, and client relationship management.


plumbing estimation software

Sign up for a 14-day free trial, and then choose between a monthly or an annual subscription. Pricing varies by user, get a quote here.


Esticom is an incredibly helpful plumbing estimating software for anyone in the plumbing business.

Esticom can help streamline the estimating process, and reduce manual data entry, and the platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to try out different product assemblies until you arrive at the ideal solution for your specific project requirements.

6. Plumbing Bid Manager


Plumbing Bid Manager is a cloud-based plumbing estimating software by Vision InfoSoft which is designed to streamline the plumbing bidding process from start to finish.


  • Overview of current bidding requests and ensures bid accuracy
  • Centralizes all bid-related information
  • Automatic bid alerts and data tracking and analysis


There are many versions of Plumbing Bid Manager and prices vary. See the comparison chart here and call (800) 258-7752 to ensure you choose the right one.


Plumbing Bid Manager streamlines every step in the bid process, providing users with easy-to-use tools to prepare accurate and competitive bids.

This plumbing estimating software offers improved communication with clients and subcontractors, faster bid analysis and evaluation, time-saving features that let you quickly compare bids across multiple projects, and much more; allowing you to deliver projects on time and within budget. Try a demo for free.

7. WIN 6000


The WIN 6000 is an electrical, plumbing, and mechanical estimating program with the ability to update and compare pricing from major pricing services or multiple suppliers.


  • Patented multi-window takeoff
  • Advanced audit trail and edit extension
  • Can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud
  • Update and compare pricing from different suppliers
  • Unlimited access to support staff


Complete this form for a personalized quote based on your plumbing business needs, or to check out a demo.


The Win 6000 is a great plumbing estimating software solution for any job in the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical industries including small residential jobs, high-rise office buildings, heavy industrial jobs transmission, and distribution jobs.

8. Field Promax

Field Promax is a top workflow management and estimation performer in the field service industry. It is designed to automate and streamline the day-to-day operations of a service-based enterprise. This ensures repetitive back-end tasks, such as scheduling, dispatching, monitoring, reporting, estimating, asset management, and invoicing, take minimal time and effort. 

Designed with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, Field Proamx empowers you to easily take control of your estimation workflow, no matter where you are. 

Field Promax also offers a dedicated mobile app for your field technicians to stay connected with the office, receive necessary support on-demand, access critical information, update job status, and report time.

The seamless automation reduces your overhead costs and also saves you time so that you can focus on more important tasks at hand and grow your business.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced ease of use
  • Increases productivity and transparency 
  • Facilitates successful remote collaboration between the office and the field teams
  • Seamlessly integrates with useful third-party platforms 
  • Comprehensive dashboard and calendar management
  • A wide range of features include smart scheduling, dispatching, real-time monitoring, time-tracking, reporting, inventory management, invoicing, and more
  • Offers customized automation solutions for a wide range of field service businesses
  • Suitable for businesses of any size


Field Promax has a flexible pricing plan allows you to grow and scale your business.

The Starter plan starts at $49 per month for 1 user. 

The Light Plan starts at $79 per month for 3 users.

The Standard Plan starts at $109 per month for 7 users.

The Premium Plan starts at $149 per month for 15 users.

The Grow Plan starts at $225 per month for 25 users. 

A 14-day free trial period is also available. No credit card is required for signing up. 

Pros & Cons

Product Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive design
  • Smooth onboarding
  • Reliable customer support
  • Mobile optimized
  • Customization options
  • Integration capabilities
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • GPS and cloud storage enabled

Product Cons

  • Slow integration with QuickBooks desktop
  • Speed optimization could be improved

What Does Plumbing Estimating Software Do?

Plumbing estimating software can be an instrumental asset to a plumbing business.

It helps streamline the estimation process by gathering figures surrounding labor costs, materials, and associated costs in one organized platform.

Additionally, many of these programs combine a library of plumbing parts with current market prices so that estimators are able to quickly compile all of the necessary components for a job in one list, enabling them to accurately assess the project from start to finish.

There is often built-in customer management software catering specifically to members of the plumbing trade industry; helping businesses build relationships with clients and manage all documentation required for each project.

In short, plumbing estimating software offers a comprehensive solution for all aspects of whatever job is at hand.

best plumbing estimating software

Why Should Plumbing Contractors Use Estimation Software?

For plumbing contractors, using a plumbing estimating software program is a great way to streamline their operations and simplify the process of calculating project costs.

Not only does it make things easier, but it also helps them ensure they’re quoting accurate prices in real time — even when deadlines are tight.

This greatly reduces the chances of over- or undercharging clients, increases customer satisfaction, and establishes trust between contractor and customer.

Plumbing estimating software also gives plumbing contractors additional control by storing estimates for future use or customization if needed.

All in all, plumbing estimating software can be an invaluable asset to larger contracting businesses for staying organized and competitive in the market.

best plumbing estimation software

What Is The Difference Between Plumbing And Mechanical Estimating Software?

Plumbing and mechanical estimating systems are designed to provide insights into the pricing of construction projects at a range of different scales.

Plumbing estimating software is tailored towards analyzing and modeling plumbing systems, such as pipes, pumps, valves, and other components, while mechanical estimating takes a more broad approach with an emphasis on air conditioning systems and HVAC elements.

While both styles of BSS solutions involve lots of mathematical calculations, plumbing estimating software is generally more specialized since it needs to factor in very specific details such as the number of bends per pipe and other nuances.

Final Thoughts

When running any construction or home improvement business, plumbing estimating software can be a huge time saver.

With its data-driven solutions and streamlined processes, it simplifies the process of gathering material costs and labor estimates and reducing overhead costs to generate an accurate job quote in seconds.

These are 7 great options and one (or more) of these business systems is sure to fulfill your estimating needs.

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