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With one click you can generate any type of personalized document.

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Docs Made Easy

Easily create and deliver dynamic documents. 

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Maven Documents

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Salesforce document generation apps streamline business processes to ensure you can deliver proposals, invoice reports, and more at a rapid cadence.

Question: Have you ever needed to swiftly create an invoice, quote, or document but found yourself bogged down in the mundane task of content assembly?

Fear not, because the Salesforce AppExchange has your back.

The document generation tools available for the Salesforce platform are designed to save you time and energy.

Forget about arduously finding the right content pieces prior to assembling them into a cohesive document — their step-by-step processes make it easy.

With their user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop feature, you can produce professional documents with agility at the click of a button.

Read more to find out which apps are the real deal, and which one is the right fit for you.

What Are The Best Salesforce Document Generation Apps?

Salesforce document generation apps have revolutionized document creation and data sharing across countless industries.

They offer powerful solutions to quickly and easily generate contracts, invoices, tax documents, certificates, and other documents customized with the exact data you need.

But which Salesforce document generation apps are the best?

In order to determine which is best for your business requires considering a few key factors such as user interface customization, template management capabilities, output automation capacity, and online collaboration tools.

Though no single app may be perfect for everyone depending on individual user preferences and project requirements, here are some of the most highly rated document generation apps and their ideal uses:

1. Docomotion


Docomotion is an automatic document generation tool that is compatible with the Salesforce platform and simplifies your document creation process.


  • Use a single button embedded in your Salesforce interface to create documents with accurate customer data.
  • Easily create and edit document templates on Microsoft Word using a drag & drop mechanism.
  • Choose from many templates or create your own from scratch.
  • Finalize the document output and edit any necessary information before sending it on web or mobile.
  • Incorporate Salesforce data of any type into your documents, including standard objects, customized objects and complex content.
  • Send your documents as PDF, Word, E-mail, link or HTML5.


best salesforce document generation apps

Starter plans are $10 a month per user. For more automation features, opt for a Gold plan for $20 a month per user or a Platinum plan with e-signature capabilities for $30 a month per user.


Docomotion’s Salesforce document generation application can help you generate, automate and interact on one platform, with no add-ons needed. It is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses in any industry.

In one click you can generate any type of document from any type of data and integrate personalized documents into your business processes. Try it free for 30 days.

2. Docs Made Easy


Docs Made Easy is a Salesforce document generation app that allows you to easily create and deliver dynamic documents.

Merge data from any standard or custom object into richly-formatted templates.


  • Get notifications when someone opens a document.
  • Streamline with powerful workflows and automation.
  • Created for non-IT users.
  • Preview functionality before creating a document template.
  • Completely free forever, for unlimited Salesforce users.


Docs Made Easy is free for all Salesforce platform users and offers unlimited templates and functionality. There are paid support plans if you need assistance, starting at $199.

best salesforce document generation tools


Docs Made Easy will help any Salesforce users with their document generation. It is ideal for anyone in need of unlimited document creation without too many bells and whistles.

Docs Made Easy’s document generation is free for everyone all the time. Sign up for free.

3. FormStack Documents


Formstack for Salesforce is a document generation app that saves you time and improves your customers’ experience with prefilled forms, automated document generation, and streamlined digital signature collection.


  • Prefill fields with existing data, and easily verify and update records.
  • Integrate your Salesforce forms with PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and iATS.
  • Add a custom Documents button to any Salesforce object.
  • Easily upload documents to the cloud, attach them to Salesforce records, or deliver them to Formstack Sign for digital signature capture.
  • Easily create rules that let you route data to multiple documents.


Starter plans are $225 a month for 1 user, and Pro plans are $585 a month for 3 users.

For more users and features, a NativeCloud Pro plan is available.

Get in touch for a quote.


FormStack Documents for Salesforce is perfect for smaller and mid-sized businesses that want to streamline their document generation.

You can automate your Salesforce workflows with an all-in-one form, document, and signature solution. Try it for free.

4. NinTex DocGen


NinTex DocGen is a Salesforce document generation app that lets you instantly build and share documents with just a few clicks from directly within Salesforce or Office 365.


  • Pre-approved templates and language help create any combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents.
  • Automate document routing to streamline reviews, simplify signing processes, and securely store documents.
  • Configure and tag the fields to be updated to insert dynamic data such as details about the customer, product details, pricing information, and more.


best salesforce contract generation apps

Premium plans are user-based and start at $2400 per year for 10 users.

For more users and customizations, get a quote for a Custom plan.


NinTex DocGen is a document generation app for medium to large-sized businesses. Its automation features will help improve efficiency in your everyday practices and help to keep your documents consistent.

Get started with a free trial.

5. Maven Documents


Maven Documents by Maven Mule is a document generation app for Salesforce that helps you create your quotes, contacts, invoices, order forms, and any other documents with ease.


  • Eliminates errors and speeds up sales and delivery cycles.
  • Simple templating and many template elements.
  • Standard Salesforce setup and syntax.
  • Offers enhanced rules setup.
  • Compatible with CLM and includes DocuSign.
  • Discounts are available for nonprofits.


Plans start at $14 a month per user. Contact the Maven Mule sales team for an exact quote depending on the size and needs of your business.


Maven Documents is a standard Salesforce document generation app that is easy to use and offers ongoing support.

It is designed for Salesforce, for teams of any size in any industry to improve their document generation process.

Get a free trial.

6. PandaDoc


PandaDoc is a document generation app that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to automate your document generation process and save you time.


  • Drag-and-drop editing to build fast with 750+ ready-to-use, free templates.
  • Customize your own dynamic versions of templates.
  • Get real-time access to approvals, comments, and version tracking.
  • Includes built-in legally binding e-Signatures.
  • Create pre-approved templates, content blocks and lock all legal information.


best salesforce document apps

Plans for document generation start at $19 a month per user.

For automation features, opt for a Business plan at $49 a month per user, and larger enterprises can inquire for a quote.


PandaDoc is an ideal Salesforce document generation app for medium to large-sized businesses.

It is intuitive and user-friendly and has everything you need to get started with streamlining your process.

Get a 14-day free trial.

7. TS Documents


TS Documents is a Salesforce document generation app that builds document templates in Google docs based on Salesforce data.


  • Automatically save merged documents to your google drive, or email, attach them to Salesforce, or download them.
  • File formats supported: pdf, word, html, odt, rtf, txt.
  • You can create, edit, and share documents online and access them from any computer.
  • Add tables, images, charts, and more.
  • No template limit.


Prices start at $5 a month per user for up to 20 users.

For more than 20 users, contact the sales team.


TS Documents is a great Salesforce document generation app option for small teams in search of the basic functions of document generation.

It is easy to use from anywhere, with simple design features and functions.

Get a 14-day free trial.

What Are Salesforce Document Generation Apps?

Salesforce document generation apps are a powerful tool that helps businesses streamline their digital document creation processes.

They provide a way for organizations to quickly create customized documents based on data from within their Salesforce environment.

With a high level of accuracy, these apps can automatically transform leads, contacts, quotes, and invoices into well-formatted documents that can be emailed or stored digitally for future use.

Salesforce document generation apps are a great way for organizations to simplify their workflow processes and maintain compliance with ease.

What Features Should You Look For In A Salesforce Document Generation App?

When it comes to selecting the right Salesforce document generation app for your organization, there are some essential features to consider.

Look for an app that offers template creation and editing capabilities built directly into the Salesforce platform, so creating documents is easy and efficient.

You also want an app that ensures all documents always stay up-to-date by allowing you to query your databases for changes automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

Automated reporting is another important feature, as this helps in streamlining the process of data analysis and creating real-time reports.

Most importantly, make sure the app you choose utilizes secure data hosting to ensure the privacy of customer information.

With the help of these key features, you’ll be able to find a Salesforce document generation app that fits your needs perfectly.

Can You Use Salesforce Data When Generating Documents?

Generating documents from Salesforce data is entirely possible, thanks to the integrated technologies that are designed to make it easy for users.

Document generator apps like the ones on this list are specifically designed to combine information from your Salesforce org into beautiful and useful documents, as well as contracts, reports, quotes, and more.

Is It Possible To Create Documents Using Templates In Salesforce?

It is possible to create documents using templates in Salesforce.

With the help of a built-in document editor, users can find, select, and edit the provided templates to customize their content and design.

Any documents created via this method are instantly integrated with Salesforce so users don’t have to do manual updates.

Furthermore, Salesforce also allows organization-wide access to the template library, allowing teams within companies to view, share, and reuse approved marketing materials quickly and securely.

Why Should You Generate Documents In Salesforce?

Generating documents in Salesforce is a great way to organize and streamline sales operations with the help of automation.

By leveraging this feature, sales professionals can quickly create professional-looking documents such as contracts, proposals, letters, and invoices from any device.

This helps maximize efficiency and accuracy by allowing users to populate these documents with relevant information taken directly from their Salesforce records.

Furthermore, it eliminates the need for copying and pasting data into a separate document application.

Salesforce’s document generation feature and also document generation apps offer significant gains in time-savings and convenience when dealing with frequently generated sales documents.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce document generation apps help businesses take their workflow to the next level.

With powerful tools for creating documents at lightning-fast speed, you can be sure that critical information is always up-to-date and easily accessible.

Streamlining processes like contracts and personalized communication increases accuracy while saving time.

Start harnessing the power of a modern document generation solution today and see firsthand how it can revolutionize your sales process.

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