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SMS Magic

Intelligently send messages directly from within Salesforce.

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Mercury SMS

Communicate with your prospects and customers from within Salesforce

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Provide personalized SMS customer communication from Salesforce.

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SMS For Salesforce

Offers simple and advanced text messaging features.

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Salesforce currently has almost everything you need to manage customer data more effectively than ever, whether as an individual or a team.

But, it lacks an important functionality that every business needs to communicate with their customers effectively – an in-built standard feature to send SMS messages!

You need a third-party Salesforce SMS app on top of your core customer database to send messages.

Fortunately, loads of them are at your disposal, packed with unique features to make sms messaging a breeze.

In this blog post, I will show you the top Salesforce SMS apps to help you give your sales process a text-ual healing and close deals with a swipe of a finger.

What Are The Best Salesforce SMS Apps?

There are tons of Salesforce SMS apps available, but some stand out with their unique features that help maximize the effects of texting.

Here’s my list of the best Salesforce texting apps selected based on research, reviews from customers, and thorough scrutiny;

1. SMS-Magic

salesforce sms apps


SMS-Magic is an intelligent text messaging solution that allows you to send messages directly from within Salesforce.

It supports multichannel engagement, allowing you to communicate with your customers on their most preferred platforms, including text messages, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger.

In addition to being a Salesforce SMS app, SMS-Magic can also integrate with Zoho and other CRM software.


  • Communicate with customers via Whatsapp messages, texts, and Facebook messaging.
  • Send SMS messages individually or in bulk.
  • Works effectively with Sales cloud, Service cloud, Console, and Salesforce mobile.
  • It has Automated Converse Compliance, which assures that your messages with clients are compliant.
  • It has a mobile app to communicate with clients on the go.


The most purchased plan on SMS-Magic is multi-channel messaging, which costs $180/month or $152/month when billed monthly or yearly. It combines all the features in the preceding plans with other thoughtful tools, like group conversations, multi-channel texting, attachments, and more reusable customizable templates.

If unsatisfied with the plans, SMS-Magic allows you to build your own plan with your most preferred features.

This Salesforce SMS software also gives discounts to nonprofit organizations.


SMS-Magic is most suitable for firms in product sales, staffing, financial services, educational, contact centers, wellness & fitness industries.

This Salesforce SMS app is optimized to provide streamlined communication with customers. There is a demo to help you get a feel of their services.

You can also use their 7-days, no credit card required free trial to test their features before subscribing.

2. Mercury SMS


Mercury SMS, now owned by MessageMedia, is a Salesforce SMS app that enables you to communicate with your prospects and customers from within Salesforce.

It is equipped with many unique tools, including SMS templates, bulk messaging, personalized messaging, and more.


  • Build a library of reusable SMS templates, which may include merge fields and automatic texting via Workforce Rules.
  • Use SMS keywords to create or update records automatically, including leads, cases, campaign members, and field updates.
  • Monitor your recipients in real time as they click and respond to your messages.
  • Automate text messages through Workforce Rules.
  • Send bulk messages to a list view or campaign members.
  • Auto opt-out message for recipients who want to stop receiving your texts.
  • Supported in Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud


Mercury SMS has five paid plans, from Basics to Advance, costing $39 to $699 monthly.

The most popular plan is the Pro which costs $249 per month. It contains the essential features to create better conversations with your clients, including customizable landing pages, unlimited users, and unlimited automation.

After the Pro feature, Pro Plus and Advanced plans are only suitable if you have a large customer/prospects base.


Mercury SMS is preferable if you have a large customer base. It provides the tools to help you communicate with them effectively.

That is not to say companies with small customer bases can’t use this Salesforce SMS app too!

You can use its 14-day free trial to check out its services and decide whether it’s the best option for your business.

3. ValueText

best salesforce sms apps


ValueText is natively built for Salesforce to provide personalized customer communication from the CRM.

It offers a multi-channel messaging feature, allowing you to send texts to your recipients across popular platforms.


  • Enjoy one-to-one communication with your clients, leads, or prospects through SMS, Telegram, or Whatsapp.
  • Dynamic templates for continuous texting and custom labels.
  • Send audio messages, files, and more.
  • Schedule texts and use auto-response for stronger client support.
  • Send bulk messages from list views, reposts, or campaigns.
  • Use Advanced automation tools like appointment confirmation, reminders, special offers, and more.


ValueText offers 3 simple pricing plans, including the Basic, Standard, and Pro Plan.

The Pro Plan, which costs $18/user monthly or $21/user per month when billed annually, has all the tools you need to enjoy streamlined texting with customers, leads, and prospects on your list. It is the only plan that has multi-channel messaging and automation with chatbots.

So, if you don’t need these features, you can go for the less costly plans.


ValueText is the perfect Salesforce SMS app if you want simplicity. Although ValueText is easy to use, it has essential messaging features, like personalized texting, multi-channel messaging, chatbots, and more.

You can try any of their plans for free using their 7-day no credit card required free trial.

4. SMS For Salesforce


SMS for Salesforce by Unionsoft Tech (HK) offers simple and advanced text messaging features that allow you to send and receive messages from within Salesforce.

It is user-friendly and has many thoughtful features to help increase customer loyalty through effective communication.


  • Send bulk messages and individual messages from List View in Salesforce.
  • Send SMS via Workflow Rules, Apex triggers, or Apex codes with SMS for Salesforce API.
  • Unlimited user license under one payment.
  • Extra configuration for customized messaging.
  • Send SMS to contacts in the Salesforce standard mobile and other custom fields.
  • Phone and video conference support.


While most other Salesforce SMS apps charge per user, SMS for Salesforce does not! Any plan you choose covers unlimited users as long as the subscription lasts.

What’s more, its pricing starts at €30 per month only.

Note, however, that SMS credits are charged on a prepaid basis, depending on your country. You can find out more here.


SMS for Salesforce is the perfect SMS solution if you want to reduce the cost of messaging on Salesforce. Since it doesn’t charge per user, the price is less high than other Salesforce SMS apps have to offer.

You can check out their services using the 7-day free trial offer before making a decision.

5. 360 SMS App For Salesforce


360 SMS is a Salesforce SMS app built for CRM software. It has powerful messaging features allow effective communication between a business and its customers, prospects, and business partners worldwide.

In addition to SMS texting tools, 360 SMS enables you to send messages in MMS, voicemails, texts, and CTI forms.

This Salesforce SMS app beats most other apps with its robust features and affordable pricing.


  • Send texts with Workflow Rules, Apex code, or Process Builders.
  • Use Batch Texting to reach multiple clients, leads, prospects, or business partners simultaneously.
  • Customize templates with objects of your choice for authenticity.
  • Converse one-on-one with your recipients.
  • Receive email notifications for incoming text messages.
  • Add hyperlinks to your SMS and track the clicks.
  • Send messages over 11 channels, including Whatsapp, SMS, Telephony, Ringless Voicemail, MMS, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Kakao, Instagram, and Viber.
  • Build reports to meet your business use case.
  • Supports Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud.
  • Compliance management feature for


360 SMS pricing is peculiar to each customer. However, their default plan is $7/user/monthly. You can contact the company for more details on pricing at or +1 360 663 4309.

Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations.


360 SMS app is a one-stop shop Salesforce SMS app for anybody who wants to experience a wholesome text messaging experience with their customers.

You can take advantage of their 30 days free trial to check out their services. During the first 7 days of the trial, you will have access to all the features on a paid 360 SMS plan plus 100 free text messages.

6. Mogli SMS


Mogli SMS is a native Salesforce SMS app with robust features that allows you to send text messages from within the CRM. It has numerous SMS features, including smart, multi-channel, voice, chatbots, and surveys.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Mogli SMS, as it is easy to configure, user-friendly and has a similar interface to your regular sms mobile app.


  • Enjoy one on one conversations with different people using unique customization features.
  • Reach hundreds and thousands of prospects, leads, and clients using the bulk messaging feature.
  • Schedule messages to automatically send sms at a preferred time.
  • Improve customer experience by using artificial intelligence to make your texts smart.
  • Use templates, including forms and question forms, to make messaging easier and faster.
  • Use voice communication to pass your information across to your recipients more accurately.
  • View reports and dashboards to access important information, such as sms count, status, gateways, sms number, and more.
  • Use custom notifications to increase your response rates.
  • Carry out surveys to collect meaningful data from your leads, prospects, and clients.
  • Text-to-vote for real-time voting capturing.


Mogli SMS’s plan is peculiar to each user. You can explore their pricing options by filling out a form.

However, their default plan costs $187 per month. Discounts are available for nonprofits.

Each of their plans has unlimited users, unlimited contacts, and unlimited keywords.


Mogli SMS is the perfect Salesforce sms app if you have a large team. It does not charge per user, meaning you can enjoy the features under one plan.

Mogli SMS doesn’t have a free plan, but you can check out their demo video to see how their services work.

What Features Should You Look For In Salesforce SMS Message Apps?

  • Marketing software integration to align your text campaign with your marketing strategies.
  • Bulk messaging feature to send mass messages.
  • Conversation storage for discussion continuation.
  • Personalized messaging to help your clients feel special
  • Reusable templates to make texting easier and faster.
  • Multi-channel messaging to reach your clients on their favorite platforms.
  • Smart messaging to remain responsive even when you are not online.
  • Easy configuration to get started easily.

When Should You Use SMS Messages In Your Sales Process?

SMS messages can be used at any stage of your sales process. You can use it to send cold texts to leads and offers to prospects and build loyalty with your existing customer base. Just ensure that you tailor the messages to reflect your goals.

salesforce texting apps

Can You Send Bulk SMS With Salesforce SMS Apps?

Yes, most Salesforce SMS apps have a feature allowing you to send messages to many people simultaneously. Some allow you to do that across many texting channels, like WhatsApp, Telegram, and SMS apps.

Should You Use Text Messaging For Customer Support?

Yes, you can add to the strength of your customer support system by using text messaging on your Salesforce SMS app. Some have features like the chatbot and auto reply to help you remain responsive even when you aren’t there.

best salesforce texting apps

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it folks, my top picks for the best Salesforce SMS apps to take your sales game to the next level.

Salesforce SMS apps are essential third-party integration that you should have if you use Salesforce to manage your customer base. They help you enjoy more interactive conversations with your clients and reach them faster than ever.

From automating your SMS campaigns to personalizing messages for your prospects, these apps will help you reach your customers in the most direct way possible.

I have compiled a list of the best third-party salesforce messaging apps with handy features to make your conversations more productive and help you find your ideal messaging app.

So why wait? Start texting your way to success with these amazing apps and watch your sales soar like never before!

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