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The Goliath of Salesforce CLM Apps.

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Contract management solution to streamline every step of your contracting process for an improved customer experience.

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You are losing deals every day for not using a Salesforce CLM solution.

With the available Salesforce CLM apps, you can manage your contracts with ease, from creation to renewal or expiration.

The days of keeping track of contracts using email chains and endless spreadsheets are over.

The Salesforce AppExchange has the solution to your contract management woes.

These apps provide a range of capabilities, from customizable workflows to document generation, making the entire contract process a breeze.

Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to the future of contract management.

What Are The Best Salesforce CLM Apps?

Choosing the best Salesforce CLM app will depend on your specific needs and budget.

There are several excellent Salesforce CLM apps available in the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace.

With so many options it can be overwhelming to find the right contract management software that meets your requirements and helps streamline your contract management process in Salesforce.

Because of this, I have compiled a list of the best Salesforce CLM apps on the market which offer a wide range of features such as automated contract creation and management, contract tracking and analysis, and e-signature capabilities.

Take a gander and see which has the features to take your Salesforce CLM to the Quantum Realm.

1. DocuSign CLM


DocuSign’s CLM Salesforce app is a contract management solution with a drag-and-drop editor to design contract processes. It helps to speed up your workflow and save you time.


  • Set conditional rules for things like a review of non-standard terms.
  • Allow Legal to define a pre-approved clause library.
  • Automate contract routing for internal and external review with detailed version control.
  • Complete reviews fast with comments and tasks that notify users and let them take action via email and Slack.
  • Speed up contract reviews with AI-assisted negotiation capabilities.
  • Use 100+ pre-configured workflow steps to generate, review, approve, send for signature, store contracts, and more.
  • With pre-built connectors and rich APIs, use CLM in conjunction with the tools your sales teams are already using such as CPQ software.
  • Extract, analyze, and report on key contract data points and legal topics with over 100 pre-trained AI models.
  • Conditionally drive workflows with analytics, risk scores, and contract content for a faster contract and sales cycle.


best salesforce clm apps

Pricing plans start at $45 a month per user.


DocuSign CLM is a great Salesforce integration for improving your business’ contracting process, and it can be combined with e-signature and document generation add-ons.

It is ideal for a sales team of any size, and DocuSign will price your plan depending on your team’s size and needs.

Get started today.

2. Zycus CLM Connect


Zycus CLM Connect is an AI-powered end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management app for salesforce users that allows your business to collaborate, draft, negotiate, sign, track, and store contracts.


  • Author, negotiate, and execute contracts from Salesforce.
  • Populate contract fields from Salesforce opportunity to iContract, and track the contract updates directly from the CRM system.
  • Flexible user roles and permissions to store, access, and administer contract and supporting documents from a single repository within Salesforce.
  • Ensure high user adoption and gain control of the contract portfolio with an intuitive user experience.
  • Stay up-to-date with chatter notifications on contract milestones, contract utilization, renewal, and other insights without leaving Salesforce.
  • Enhance compliance across multiple teams by enforcing the approvals and reviews on contracts in iContract


best salesforce contract apps

Plans start at $12 a month per user.

This is part of a bundle, the standard Zycus iContract offering is required.


Zycus CLM Connect is ideal for large businesses with contract management needs. It is an integration of Salesforce and Zycus iConnect which includes an all-in-one Salesforce CLM solution for larger enterprises.

Read more about Zycus iConnect here.

3. IronClad


IronClad is a contract lifecycle management software app that integrates with Salesforce. As part of the IronClad subscription, you can access this contract management solution to streamline every step of your contracting process for an improved customer experience.


  • Launch, approve, and review contracts without leaving Salesforce
  • Import Salesforce data into contract workflows to eliminate duplicate data entries and ensure data consistency.
  • Receive automatic updates in Salesforce for things like contract approval and signature status.
  • Act on contract data by including contract metadata in Salesforce reports.
  • Centralize agreements associated with an object to see all relevant contracts for a customer in one place.


Plans start at $850 a month per company as part of the IronClad default subscription.


IronClad is a great contract management solution for Salesforce users of any size business. It has everything you need to make your workflow more efficient and save time for more important things.

It is intuitive and user-friendly for both sales and legal teams. Get started today.

4. Icertis Contract Intelligence


Icertis Contract Intelligence is a Salesforce contract management app that works with both Salesforce Lightning and Classic to manage the contract lifecycle, create contract requests with pre-populated data from Salesforce objects, and track contract progress and status updates.


  • Create and process contracts from within accounts, opportunities, or quote screens.
  • Make use of structured forms to speed contract creation.
  • Enable contract management functionality across a variety of use cases.
  • Stay up-to-date with chatter notifications on contract milestones.
  • Leverage a rules-driven engine to govern contract authoring, workflow, and approvals.
  • Get real-time visibility into contract milestones without leaving the Salesforce application.
  • Extract useful data from contracts to take advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


Plans start at $65 a month per user.


Icertis Contract Intelligence helps you standardize, streamline and automate your contracting process without leaving Salesforce.

Account Managers, BD Professionals, and Sales Managers are provided with powerful, intuitive contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools, powered by AI for maximum efficiency.

Businesses of any size can benefit from this Salesforce contract management app.

Get started today.

5. DocuCollab


DocuCollab is a Salesforce CLM app that automates end-to-end contracts management, from contract generation, review, approval negotiation, redlining, and eSignature.


  • One-click creation from any Object for contract management, quotes, proposals, and invoice management.
  • Templates and clause library to standardize best practices.
  • Finalize contracts faster with powerful collaboration & workflow.
  • Automate compliance with paragraph-level locking.
  • Online review, redlining, and e-signature.
  • Single repository for all types of contracts.
  • Automated alerts and personalized dashboards.


The first 2 users are free with DocuCollab. After that, plans are $79 a month per user.

Larger enterprises can contact DocuCollab for a quote.


DocuCollab’s Salesforce app is a great contract lifecycle management solution for smaller businesses (up to 2 users) who want the basics for free.

It is also suitable for medium and even larger businesses that want a customized pricing plan to suit their needs.

Get started with a free trial.

6. Concord


Concord is a Salesforce contract lifecycle management app designed to improve sales, compliance, and visibility all within Salesforce.


  • Map pre-approved templates from Legal to SFDC fields so Sales can automatically generate contracts.
  • Documents are automatically populated using Salesforce data from opportunities (Customer name, address, deal amount, etc.)
  • Custom fields help ensure the correct information is entered into every contract.
  • Every stage of a contract can be tracked directly within SFDC, including auto Closed-Won upon signature.
  • Edit, redline, comment, and chat directly on Concord with everyone, including your customers or vendors.


Plans start at $49 a month per user.


Concord helps you create and send pre-approved contracts directly from Salesforce with the click of a button.

This Salesforce contract lifecycle management platform is simple, built for any organization hoping to streamline their process and create, collaborate, negotiate, e-sign, store, and manage agreements all in one place.

Get started today.

7. Contracts 365


Contracts 365 is a Contract Lifecycle Management solution integrated with Salesforce to help you request, draft, negotiate, approve, track, and report within a simple and modern user interface.


  • Request and upload contracts, collaborate with team members, view and provide status updates, and more.
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of any type of contract including buy-side, sell-side, and corporate agreements.
  • Easy to configure workflow and self-service automation capabilities.
  • Obligation management functions ensure contractual compliance.
  • Dashboards and reports offer a complete view of your contractual relationships, commitments, risks, and obligations.


Plans start at $30 a month per user but vary depending on your needs after signing up.


Contracts 365 for Salesforce is an easy-to-use contract management app that will simplify your contracting process no matter how large or small your organization may be.

Gain greater visibility, efficiency, and control throughout the contract management lifecycle.

Get started today.

What Features Should I Look For In A Salesforce CLM App?

When looking for a Salesforce CLM app, here are some important features to consider:

  1. Contract creation and authoring: tools for creating, authoring, and reviewing contracts, with the ability to customize templates and clauses to fit specific needs.
  2. Contract approval workflow: customizable workflows for contract approvals, with the ability to track the status of contracts throughout the approval process.
  3. Contract storage and retrieval: a centralized repository for storing and retrieving contracts, with the ability to search, filter, and organize contracts by various criteria.
  4. Contract analytics and reporting: reporting and analytics tools for tracking contract performance and identifying areas for improvement.
  5. Contract renewal and expiration management: automated reminders and notifications for contract renewals and expirations and tools for managing contract renewals and renegotiations.
  6. Security and compliance: security features to protect sensitive contract data and comply with relevant data privacy regulations.
  7. Customization and scalability: to fit your organization’s unique needs.
  8. User-friendly interface: intuitive and easy for users to navigate and perform tasks.

Why Is Contract Management Important?

best salesforce contract lifecycle management apps

Contract management is important for several reasons. Contracts outline the terms and conditions of a business relationship, and managing contracts effectively helps ensure that all parties are complying with the agreed-upon terms.

Contracts also help identify and manage risks associated with a business relationship. Effective contract management ensures that potential risks are identified, assessed, and addressed before they become problematic.

Contract management ensures that all financial terms are accurate, up-to-date, and enforced, which can help improve financial performance. It can help improve operational efficiency by streamlining processes such as contract creation, approval, and renewal.

Contracts often define the terms of a business relationship with customers, suppliers, and partners. Effective contract management helps ensure that all parties understand their obligations and responsibilities, which can help build trust and enhance customer relationships.

Effective contract management is essential for ensuring that organizations operate efficiently, comply with regulations, and manage risks effectively. By investing in contract management processes and tools, organizations can achieve better financial performance, reduce risks, and enhance customer relationships.

How Does Contract Lifecycle Management Help Your Business?

Contract Lifecycle Management helps businesses in many ways. Here are some main advantages:

  1. Improved Contract Visibility: A centralized repository for contracts allows businesses to easily access, search, and review contracts.
  2. Efficient Contract Creation: Tools like contract templates and clause libraries help streamline the contract creation process.
  3. Streamlined Contract Approval: Automating the contract approval process with customizable workflows for contract approval, review, and signature.
  4. Better Contract Performance: Analytics and reporting tools allow businesses to track contract performance, identify areas for improvement, and renegotiate contracts when necessary.
  5. Reduced Risk: The central repository for contracts can ensure compliance with regulations and reduce the risk of legal disputes.
  6. Enhanced Collaboration: CLM systems enable collaboration among stakeholders, allowing for improved communication and transparency throughout the contract lifecycle.

CLM systems help businesses improve contract management processes, reduce risks, and enhance collaboration. By investing in a CLM system, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, optimize contract performance, and reduce costs.

Where In the Contract Process Is a CLM App Used?

salesforce contracts

A Contract Lifecycle Management app is used throughout the entire contract process, from contract creation to contract renewal or expiration.

A CLM app can provide a range of tools for contract creation, such as templates and clause libraries, which enable users to create contracts quickly and accurately. Users can also use the app to negotiate and finalize the terms of the contract, as well as track versions and changes made to the contract.

Users can set up approval workflows, route the contract for review and approval, and receive notifications when the contract has been approved. CLM apps then help manage the execution of contracts, ensuring that all parties sign the contract and that all terms and conditions are met.

A CLM app provides a central repository for storing and retrieving contracts, making it easy to search, filter, and organize contracts by various criteria. Users can also use the app to manage contract renewals, negotiate new terms, and track changes to the contract.

Overall, a CLM app can help businesses streamline the entire contract process, from creation to renewal or expiration.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of juggling contracts like a circus performer, then Salesforce Contract Lifecycle Management apps might just be the out you are looking for.

These apps take the stress out of contract management, allowing you to focus on other important tasks, like perfecting your juggling skills.

With features that automate and simplify the contract lifecycle, Salesforce Contract Lifecycle Management apps are the ultimate solution for any business.

Give one a try and see how it can help you conquer your contracts with ease.

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